Aldakin has its own R&D department for robotics research aimed at adding value in the transition to an industrial 4.0 environment. It develops this work in collaboration with educational institutions and technology centers to try to apply cutting-edge technologies to real industrial environments.

During this time, this department has acquired invaluable experience in participating in European projects that integrate the knowledge and experience of leading players in technological development.

  • Robotic applications for the finishing of parts that contribute to improve precision, as well as real-time monitoring and analysis of the process. These solutions can be applicable in sectors such as aerospace, wind energy, nuclear, automotive and marine.
    • Auxiliary robotic operations for machining such as drilling and trimming.
    • Robotic solutions for deburring/finishing of metal parts.
    • Solutions for precise grinding of complex metal parts.
  • Collaborative robotics adapted to complex industrial environments. Aldakin installs and programs autonomous collaborative robots to support repetitive and even dangerous tasks for human operators (adaptation of positions).
  • Data analysis for disease prevention through big data.

In short, Aldakin faces great technological challenges in the development of cyber-physical systems that enable 4.0 assembly processes. In an environment of accelerated technological change, it is more necessary than ever to understand technology and its enabling capacity to take advantage of the disruptive potential of innovation while ensuring the reliability of production processes.


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