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Robot, Collaborative, Smart

Sawyer™ – The new and revolutionary robot of high performance designed to assist machines, quality tests and other precision tasks.


A superior performance level

Historically, industrial robots has been separated from humans by security jails, being programed by high qualified engineers, and their viability was only for a precise high volume applications. Designed and constructed in Boston, USA, by Rethink Robotics, Sawyer is capable to perform a great variety of tasks, previously unaffordable to automatize with conventional robotics.

So, what is exactly a smart collaborative robot?

A robot that modify its behavior to answer rapidly changing conditions in the environment, that is simple to train, modify and install by the operators at the plant, that can learn over the time new capabilities.


  • Integrated artificial vision. Sawyer offers an artificial vision system with two cameras. One to monitor the working space, and a Cognex camera at the wrist.
  • Robot Positioning System. Sawyer is an ideal robot to high volume environments or very irregular products. The robot positioning system Sawyer can orientate itself in a dynamic way. So it can be modified, moved and reinstalled easily.
  • Force control. Sawyer is capable to control the force that transmits along his arm. The motor control the retreat and all the joints incorporate force measuring sensors.
  • Compliant movement mode. Sawyer uses patented elastic actuators to fulfill the mechanical demands and a high precision force sensing. This is independent of position of the robot.
  • The Intera platform power. The intera platform is the most intuitive of the robotics industry, allowing non-technicians create and modify applications in an easy way.

APPLICATIONS. What task do you want to automate?

  • Feeding machines and CNCs. Charge/discharge all kind of machines and CNC. Work with different cycle time, finishing operations, increase activity rate, lower rejection rate.
  • Electronical assembly and test of PCB. PCB manipulation, feeding testing machines, movement and manipulation of delicate components during all the process.
  • Production in steel and injection modelling. Improves the security, reduces cycle times, increases productivity, reduces error rates.
  • Charging/Discharging. Movement of pieces from/to tables, boxes, conveyor, machines…
  • Packaging. Embedding pieces and materials, stacking of different pieces and containers.
  • Test and inspection. Multipoint inspection with a single camera. Complete digital traceability for the results and processing fail-safe.