ARITEX proyecto Airbus Aldakin




Duplication the production line of the vertical stabilizer for Airbus in Germany

Aldakin has duplicated a production line of Airbus in Germany.

Once again, Aritex trusted in Aldakin to execute one of the most important projects for Airbus.

The aeronautics giant will duplicate his production in one of their aircrafts, with a productivity of 14 units per year, reaching 27 units per year.

This project implied the cooperative working between several of our units. The electrical panels for power and control were produced in Alsasua. At the same time, in Germany, we made all the installation of lines, illumination, electrical connections and so on. Finally Aldakin Automation made the entire programming of the line.

With this project Aldakin shows again the capacity to perform all parts of the process, from electrical installation to automation.