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R&D department of Aldakin

In the Aldakin group we have a R&D department fully integrated within the 4.0 Industry. We collaborate with universities, technology centers and customers to develop innovative solutions like a collaborative robotic application for surgery (medical robotics).

The continuous search for innovative solutions allows us to be in the forefront of technology and knowledge applied to industry. We offer our clientele the most advanced solutions for their productive processes.

automation and industrial control

High added value engineering applications


Our R&D department collaborate with groups of research excellence like the “Clínica Universitaria de Navarraâ€, the Public University of Navarre, the Mondragon University, among others.

We are focused in robotics and biotechnological projects. We are looking for emergent and sustainable technologies for reduction the environmental impact.

The fingerprint of the R&D department of Aldakin, Aldathink, is the innovation with a high added value.


Micobot Intelligent Collaborative Robot. Example: Medical Robotics.

One of the strong points of our department is the smart collaborative robot Sawyer, manufactured by Rethink Robotics, and distributed by miCobot, a cobot that fulfill high performance and precision tasks required by the HRC applications (Human Robotics Collaborative).

Sawyer can modify its behavior to answer unexpected changes in the environment typical of collaborative applications. This allows Sawyer to acquire new capabilities over the time.

Due to this kind of cobots, Aldakin is developing surgery robotic applications with the “Clínica Universitaria de Navarraâ€. This project places the interaction between doctor and robot at the top of robotic surgery.

Working this high added value projects, Aldakin aims to be at the forefront of technology, taking part in projects and developing new solutions to industrial challenges.

automation and industrial control

About Aldakin R&D&I . Aldathink

We are a Navarran company located in Alsasua that has been operating for more than 30 years. We work with clients from all over the country and we are specialists in industrial automation and robotics, industrial maintenance and especially in R&D&I .

We have the best engineers that make up our R&D&I unit in charge of innovating and making high added value applications, such as medical robotics using collaborative robots.


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