Automation and industrial robotics

In Aldakin we offer automation services and industrial robotics to companies of industries like automotive, aerospace, machine tool, wind industry, among others.

We create engineering technological solutions that include PLC and robotic cells with or without artificial vision.

We have worked in quarries, biomass or biofuel plants, hydroelectric power stations; we have also programmed production lines in automotive industries and aerospace industries.

We have specialized sections devoted to industrial robotics and collaborative robotics. We offer tool changers; quality controls; handling, nesting and palletizing of goods. We market and distribute the Sawyer cobot from Rethink Robotics.

In detail, we are devoted to three fields of engineering and industrial automation:

  • PLC-PC
  • Robotic cells
  • Artificial vision systems
automation and industrial control


Our industrial experience allow us to deal with projects like these:

  • Distributed control systems at industrial plants using PLC, SCADA, Multiprotocol system integration and field buses.
  • Motion Control: CNC, servo brakes and frequency variators.
  • Regulation of open and closed loop systems.
  • Special machine automation and retrofitting.

We work with Vacon variators, they offer the best possible solutions to save energy and improve the total efficiency of the production.

The AC current converters of variable speed are implemented in several industrial sectors like: naval, wind energy, sugar industry, pellets, equipment goods and power cogeneration among others.

Robotic cells

In robotic cells, we can offer a wide variety of solutions for industrial automation. We combine robotics, artificial vision, electronics and mechatronics to fulfill the most demanding requirements of the process.

Our engineering team design and produce the tooling, grippers, tweezers, suction cups… These are all key elements to optimize the robotic system.

We have deep expertise in projects of:

  • Manipulation cells
  • Automatic palletization
  • Automatic welding cells.
  • Milling
  • Deburring
  • Polishing

We have been working for more than 30 years in several industrial sectors. Our experience guarantee the success for the project of our customers.

automation and industrial control
automation and industrial control

Artificial vision systems

One of the big challenges of engineering in the process automation is the detection, testing the quality, positioning and guiding of goods. Thus, we have developed automation cells in a variety of sectors that position ourselves as experts in artificial vision.

Several projects that we have developed in this field include:

  • Superficial and dimensional control of foundry, injection and stamping pieces. Eyesberg system applied to 3D bin picking problems, guiding for machining, identification of defects, deformations and fractures, photometry
  • 2D/3D systems for positioning and guiding robots.
  • Detection.
  • Quality control, presence/absence control, 2D/3D location

Moreover, you can contact us for other demands that are not reflected in this catalogue.

About Aldakin Automation and industrial robotics

We are a Navarran company located in Alsasua that has been operating for more than 30 years. We work with clients from all over the country and we are specialists in industrial automation and robotics.

We have more than 25 engineers on staff capable of designing and automating processes from different industrial areas. Among our services, in addition to engineering and automation, we also carry out industrial maintenance and, of course, we have an R & D unit in charge of innovating and making applications with high added value, such as medical robotics.

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